Meet our School Leaders

Hello my name is Jacob and I am proud to be a Rotakid and one of the eight 2020 School Leaders for Papakura Central School.My role as one of the School Leaders is head boy.I enjoy sports such as soccer, rugby, badminton and way more.I also enjoy digital activities such as Epic, Minecraft, Youtube and so on...My age is 10 soon to be 11.My goal for this year is to help the school when I needed.
Hi I’m Abby. I am a school leader at PCS. When I’m not at school my interests are playing sports including, softball and football. I also like cooking and trying new food. I like drawing and doing different art techniques. The goals I want to achieve in being a school leader are to encourage other students to be more active and get kids to help the community like doing beach clean ups.
Malo Lele my name is Charlie. I am half Tongan and half Solomon Islands. I am one out of the 8 School Leaders from Papakura Central school. I love to play Netball and Touch with my friends at lunch. I love to spend time with my family at the beach and to travel to different countries.
One of things I can contribute in the School is being in our School Jump Jam group. I enjoy helping out and having really big responsibilities like office duty, hosting assemblies and much more. What I would like to help the school with is by being noticed by people around Auckland and for them to see our School bike track which I very much like. But besides that I am very excited for what the future holds for me and my fellow school leaders. I hope you come and visit Papakura central School very soon.

Hi my name is Diya I am a school leader.I love to Dance,sing and paint. I'm really good at helping others. My future goal is to help the school and the community in any way I can.

Hi my name is Keeva, I am a school leader at PCS. Outside of school my interests are hip hop, swimming and drawing. I also love going to the beach in the weekends. This year my goal as a school leader is to encourage other students to help the community and set a good example.

My name is Gurshan Kharoud . I am a year 6 student at PCS. I am very lucky to be a School Leader.
HI my name is Riley. I am one of the school leaders who would like to make a difference . I am a strong minded individual who likes to read, play basketball, and swim. I love all kinds of animals and I am very social. I enjoy experiencing other cultures, and learning about other people. I am currently helping with the new middle school adventure playground which I am hoping will be a success.

My name is Hamish. I am a year 6 student at Papakura Central School. I am one of the School Leaders and as a leader I have responsibilities towards my school which I do accomplish on rostered days. My duties are superstar spotters,cloak bay,hosting assembly and morning tea office duties. This year I have a librarian job, gear shed job and a paper bin monitor.I do care about the surrounding environment. I do love planting more trees to keep our earth green. Our beaches need to be litter free so that both marine life and our environment stay clean.